What are you going to see at A.B.E?


Black Art and Black Artists from all genres

Poets and Poems​

Actors, Directors, Writers, Filmmakers

Short Films and Sketches

Musicians, Singers, Songwriters

Painters, Pictures, Canvases, and Collections

Dancers, Storytellers, Makeup-Artists, Hairstylists and Black Creatives of all types

What are you going to DO at A.B.E?


You are going to see some great art and be introduced to talented Tompkins County Black artists

Meet and participate in discussions with the artists as they share their experiences of being a Black artist and talk about their art

With a facilitated Q/A session as part of each event, you will be able to ask questions and interact with the artist on a personal level

You will be able to make your own art along with the artists

You are going to have the opportunity to buy a one-of-a-kind original piece of art

You are going to learn something about someone else

You are going to learn something about a different culture

You are going to learn something about yourself

Family with Tablet
Image by George Coletrain

Who are you going to Meet at ABE?


Internationally and nationally recognized artists

Independent artists

Regional artists from Central and Upstate NY

Community favorites

Your next favorite artist

America’s next favorite artist